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Current membership is at 11,508 paid members with a goal of 34,065 members by May 2016. View the updated Department Membership Report dated August 14, 2015.

A Message from the Commander...

Department of Nebraska American Legion Commander Mike Reimers

Welcome to the Nebraska American Legion website. I’m Mike Reimers – the newly elected Commander of 33,000 Legionnaires throughout our great State. Take a look at the information available on the website, and if you see something you like or something lacking– let us know. I want to keep our Department website informative and current but we need constructive input from our readers.

My theme this year is "The Four F’s: Family, Future, Freedom and Faith.” The theme spreads across a wider spectrum than most of its predecessors. I purposely chose not to focus on a single ideal but instead wanted to expand into a few areas that are near and dear to all of us regardless if you belong to a Post, Unit, Squadron or Chapter.

First of these is Family. There is no doubt our Legion family is important to our community, state and nation. The Legion, Auxiliary, Sons and Riders are out in our communities doing great things with one purpose in mind: to make a veteran’s life a little easier. That might entail something as simple as providing directions at an information counter at a VA clinic or more involved like helping someone fill out a Temporary Financial Assistance application. Obviously I am not even scratching the surface of the things our family is involved with on a daily basis but you get the idea – the Legion family will go above and beyond the normal call of duty if the end result improves the life of a person or community.

No doubt the majority of what you do is important work to our organization but remember too there is another family that is just as important – your own! We go to our monthly meetings and spend countless additional hours preparing for fundraisers, escorts, parades, and other worthwhile projects.  But I ask you to take a break now and then from these time-consuming events and share some of your valuable free time with those in your immediate family. They need the same kind of attention that you exert into the projects you undertake.

I hope you come back to read my thoughts about the next of four “F’s”: “Future.” Until then continue making good things happen for veterans, for your family, and

For God and Country,
Mike Reimers
Department Commander