Paid Up For Life Membership (PUFL)

American Legion PUFL graphic

Members who enroll in the Paid Up For Life program become American Legion members for life. Through PUFL, Legionnaires pay a one-time fee to gain lifetime membership in the Legion. To enroll, Legionnaires must be in good standing and must have held a valid membership card for the current year. Post adjutants certify members' good standing before forwarding PUFL applications.

PUFL is not a discounted membership. Enrollment costs are based on two factors: applicants' age and the current annual dues of the post the applicant wishes to join. Total post dues include the department and national per capita, plus a portion retained by the post. PUFL membership fees are non-refundable.

Applications for PUFL membership must be completed and submitted to the post adjutant or finance officer. Payment should accompany the application, which the post reviews and endorses, then forwards to department headquarters. From there, the application is sent to national headquarters for final processing. Additionally, an option has been added to give the member the opportunity for automatic monthly credit card billing. Members may still pay the full amount at the time of application.

To calculate the total cost of a PUFL membership, the member (or post officer) will need to find the monthly payment on the rate chart and multiply it by 36. Please note: The total fee must be entered on the front of the application, regardless of whether the member is paying in full or choosing the Time Payment Plan.

Each PUFL member receives a permanent plastic card, as well as an annual paper card to verify continuing membership in The American Legion. The annual card is mailed in June or July of each year. Upon request, a replacement card can be provided at no charge.

- PUFL Membership Rate